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We offer management consultant services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Corporate to Small Business Health Planning and Management


Whether your company requires short-term or long-term measures, our expert health advice will help you navigate safely into safe and respectful corporate future.  A good worker is a healthy worker... Our technique in establishing a full and well balanced worklife will guarantee success.  We focus on positive change in dealing with health issues that develop over time and we go that extra mile to ensure that your employees feel safe and well cared for.   Our program also includes worklife models for healthy co-workers who need to understand and support workpeers who develop disparities over time.


Let us help you help your organization become a leader in worklife health initiatives and support practices.  We are availalbe to be on hand to deliver vital information should you choose to try a Ti-chee consulting or contract service.  Thank you for your time.  For more informtion please contact us utilizing the contact information provided on the panel to your left.


Crisis Management


There are personal health risks involved in any business. We provide you with extensive advice on how to be prepared for any health crisis, large or small.  We offer tailored adviced to meet every demand you may have in dealing with intra-business/corporate/organizational crisis.  We can help you develop communications strategies that will enable you to handle even the most dynamic and serious crisis in an effective and positive outcome.   For more details please contact us using the contact information found in the panel to your left.  We look forward to hearing from you.  

In-house, Free HIV/VH Testing and Contract Testing Services


Ti-chee offers three kinds of testing services.  


Since 2007 Ti-chee has offered free HIV testing and now offers free VH (Viral Hepititus) testing too!  This is on a walk-in basis, one-on-one with a small intake process in which the person being tested automatically becomes a "Client".  Utilizing Orasure Quick we can offer a client a test result in approximately 20 minutes.   The only thing a new client has to do is answer a few discreet and anonymous questions.  With a test result, we can then offer sound advice on the next step to take in the development of a health plan regardless of test outcome.


In 2007, Ti-chee in cooperation with Whatcom County and Snohomish County Health departments began offering free testing services at specific testing events on local Native Reserves along the I-5 corridor - repsectively the Lummi, Nooksack, Upper-Skagit, Swinomish, Tulalip, and Muckleshoot tribes.  In 2009 Ti-chee took over as the sole organization offering testing services at these events.  This usually occurs during National  HIV Testing Day, an annual event held every June 27 and to date Ti-chee has tested over 2500 natives, family members, and non-natives as family members.


In 2007 Ti-chee core management received Rapid HIV Tester Training, Rapid HIV Tester Training for Trainers, and HIV Prevention Counseling certification at training seminar in Denver, CO provided by the Center for Disease Control (C.D.C.) based in Atlanta, GA.  This training allowed us to develop our own Rapid Testing Strategies and enabled Ti-chee to compete for a C.L.I.A. Waiver and Washington State Health Department On-site Testing certification and licensure to begin Rapid Testing on our own.


Since then we have developed a complete follow-through Rapid Testing Strategy that enables us to provide our services as a contract to new organizations, businesses, and existing organizations seeking to develop their own testing strategies.   Our work with an Indian Health Service/Department of Health and Human Services grant to implement Rapid Testing strategies in existing Clinical and Medical Health Facilities Universal Testing processes has given us the ability to offer contract services to assist in developing Rapid Testing Protocol from the ground up.


For more information on our tailor made Rapid Testing Contracting Services please contact us using the contact information provided in the panel to your left.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

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