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Myself & Kenneth, our Managing Director, got to go to Hawaii April 17th-21st for the Native Community Advisory Expert Panel! We are part of a group of Native Health experts for consultation from around the USA. It is an honor to be a part of this group to provide consultation on Native HIV/AIDS for our people! Even though the stigma has lessened than what it used to be, there is still progress to be made. We have made great strides with the community, but there is still work to do with the Council We will continue to do our part for the betterment of our people!


At the meeting, we heard what the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute was working on in the last year, and heard of an interesting on-line game they are developing for MSM for HIV prevention. I just wish we had the opportunity to try the game out. Also next year, they are going to be addressing the Hawaiian Transgender population for HIV prevention. While we were there, we got to hear their beautiful music and prayer at the opening of our meetings, such a blessing!!!


Extremely gratful we got to be part of this group!!! Looking forward to next year!!!





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