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Peer Counseling

As we move forward with our specific services criteria we have decided to make "Peer" counseling a big part of each service we offer whether it be Consulting, Contracts, or otherwise.  The fact that all employees working for Ti-chee have personal experience regarding Health and Mental Disparities, each one of us has valuable and condusive experience to impart to those who seek our services as actual clients with disparities or to those professionals who would like to understand our service model more extensively.  Not everyone has a health or mental "issue" but for those who do we can help immensely.


For example, say you're a Seahawks fan and you meet another Seahawks fan, the comraderie and experiences are very familiar and exacting.  That is what it is like when clients realize that we share like experiences and understand that they can confide in us completely.  It is also extremely important to know that we comply completely with the Department of Health and Human Services (H.H.S.) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (H.I.P.A.A.).  What you say to us in private stays with us no matter what.  If you wish us not to notetake during our private sessions we will comply.



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