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Community Outreach

For the last nine years, Ti-chee has been closely involved in community outreach for 5 local tribes of significant and stable size.  We have offered extensive Rapid HIV Tester Training.  We have helped tribal clinics implement Rapid HIV testing into their Universal testing protocol.  And we have personally tested over 2500 tribal members from Lummi, Nooksack, Upper Skagit, Swinomish, Tulalip tribes and Muckleshoot tribes.  In our 5 - 10 year plan,we intend on continuing our work with these tribes and to give as much charitable time and effort as is afforded us through grants and donations. 


Community Outreach includes the following:


  • Printing & Distributing STI, Subtance Use, and Testing Brochures to the tribes.  Keeping clinics and treatment facilities supplied with brochures throughout the year.
  • Education through Prevention Seminars and Dinners



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